About us



Is a joint venture between Thai and Japanese operators. It was incorporated on February 3, 2005. It operates under the management of Nippon Suansan Kaisa Co., Ltd. and is supported by the Board of Investment of Thailand. (BOI)

The company started its production on November 4, 2005, mainly exported to Japan and expanded its domestic sales to other countries in the USA, Singapore, Malaysia and around the world. The quality that senior executives set to achieve the right products and services meets the needs of their customers under the same standards.

Our mission


It is our ultimate pleasure to serve our customers with frozen seafood products. We are committed to continuous improvement in both the manufacturing Quality assurance And customer service for us success means producing quality frozen food. And trustworthy to customers at a cost effective price on this occasion. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Board of Investment (BOI), the government agencies in Songkhla for their great support to the Company. We would like to thank our management and staff for their dedication to the Company. and the most important Thank you for the opportunity. And trust to choose our products.