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The benefits of salmon

22 Jun 17
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The benefits of salmon

1. Benefits of clean salmon without parasites. Salmon is often eaten freshly cooked over heat. Many people are concerned about the residue in the fish as well as the parasite. Let's say that 'salmon' is a clean fish and can be eaten safely, even in deep sea waters. But when the spawning season. Salmon will swim upstream to return to the pure water it produces, ensuring no toxins on the skin or meat, as this fish will not tolerate dirty water.

2. Benefits of salmon, fat and cholesterol in the body. It can be said that good fat in salmon can eliminate bad fat accumulated in the human body. Salmon is an animal that lives in the deep sea. It must eat algae and spawn as a food for fat. By this type of fat called. 'Omega 3' that the human body needs but can not produce. So when you eat this type of fatty salmon, it will reduce fat in the blood and blood vessels, reduce the rate of arterial blockage and heart disease well.

3. Benefits of muscle building salmon. For those who want to build muscle but tired of eating chicken breast at every meal, they can switch to salmon. Because salmon is a protein rich fish that is more readily absorbed than native or poultry protein, it is not carcinogenic. In addition, salmon is rich in vitamins A, B and D, as well as minerals that are essential to the body. Phosphorus and iron that strengthen the muscles well.

4. Benefits of salmon, nervous system

and brain. As mentioned above. Salmon is a fish rich in 'omega. 3 ', so it is important to strengthen the nervous system and brain by Omega 3. It will nourish the brain. In addition, vitamin A in salmon, when combined with amino acids, will help prevent the deterioration of the nervous system at an increased age. Therefore, in the case of salmon eating regularly, the rate of neuropathy. Parkinson's disease Diminished itself

5. Benefits of salmon reduces the risk of diabetes. Eating salmon is another great way to burn energy in the body. When the body is metabolized well, it will lower blood sugar levels and return to normal. The risk of diabetes as well.

6. Benefits of salmon make good mood. Because salmon helps to nourish the nervous system and brain, salmon can reduce the tension or anxiety caused by brain function. In addition to helping to strengthen the muscles of people who eat salmon regularly, it reduces the risk of chronic muscle pain, whether it is muscular inflammation or rheumatoid arthritis.

7. Benefits of salmon to maintain youthfulness. It can be seen that the Japanese people will be longer than the other countries, both the moisture and radiance of the skin, although the age is quite a lot of Japanese people eat fish and one of the fish. Most popular, it is inevitable 'salmon'. Salmon is rich in pure collagen, typical of deep-water fish when eaten, it will enhance the brilliance. Makes skin look plump and youthful.

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